who wouldn't want to do the camino de santiago with their mom?

Crush Crazy

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I have started work on a new zine! I am calling it 'Crush Crazy'. Imagine a 'Tiger Beat' or 'Bop' filled with Classic Hollywood stars and you basically get the gist of what the zine will be. I haven't made a zine in a couple years, it feels good to get back to creating something that will be printed. The first issue will features James Cagney and hopefully be completed in early November. 

Outfit Post: Vintage with a side of Photobomb

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It is unseasonably warm out today. This means I can wear one of my favorite vintage summer dresses! I am wearing the dress with just a simple shrug and I feel comfortable. While it is nice to feel the sun shinning... it is also difficult not to think about the effects of Climate Change. This is especially true when you are currently reading Naomi Klein's fantastic new book 'This Changes Everything'. I have yet to finish the book but so far it is a well researched, thought provoking read. 

While attempting to take my #ootd photo, Agent Cooper decided to join in the fun and did an epic photo bomb. The camera captured Cooper in mid leap. It looks as though she is falling but I assure you she did not. Cooper landed safely on her feet. 

Dress: Vintage 60s. 

Sweater/Shrug: Hand me down from Mom. 

Book: Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything'. 

OutfitPost: Modern Flapper

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My outfit today was inspired by three things: 1.Cool Weather Outside 2.Flat hair 3.Wanting to look like a flapper. 

When I encounter flat boring hair, I like to throw a scarf on it. A nice thick band of color around the head always helps punch up an outfit and hide my sad hair day. I manipulate the ends of my hair to curl in toward the face to give the look that extra flapper touch. 

Since it is cool outside, I am once again wearing my trusty old turtleneck. I was not lying when I mentioned that turtlenecks are a key piece in transitioning into autumn weather. I wear mine throughout autumn into spring. I get cold easily and I find turtlenecks help maintain some warmth. Bonus: they are super cute and comfortable. 

Sidenote: I got that fashionable clock from Society 6. It was a gift. Actually, Society 6 sent the clock pictured above as an accident and are sending the proper one now. I am not sure what clock I was suppose to get (cause the clock is a gift. It's all a surprise) but what a score! I get two clocks! I love the one that was sent by accident. I will have to post a better picture of the details of the clock this week. 

Dress and Turtleneck: J Crew

Scarf: Vintage 

Vinyl: Pakistan Pop and Folk Instrumentals 1966-1976

Outfit Post: Refined Family Photo

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I take my outfit photos by placing my camera on my heater on top of a stack of books and dvds (don't worry , I do not keep the books/movies there after I take the photo). I put the camera on timer and run in front. Agent Cooper is often attracted to the 'beep' noise of the timer and wants to join in the fun. This morning she decided to jump onto the credenza I pose near. So, i quickly posed beside her and the result is above. I kinda love how it looks like a refined family photo. That is fitting since Cooper and I just passed puppy class on Sunday! Yippee!! 

The skirt was thrifted (if you can believe it!) and is J Crew. The sweater and blouse are both J Crew too! Haha..my whole outfit is crewafied. I got the orange sweater as a Christmas present last year. It has pockets! I love how comfy it is, that it is orange, and that it is easy to sophisticate it up. I wore that sweater at least twice a week last winter - i can see it being the same this upcoming winter. I have puffy hair today and decided to go with it. I like puffy hair. 

Skirt, Sweater, Blouse - J Crew 

Movie Nite: Grinch is Halloween Night

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The Halloween fun continues with 'Halloween Is Grinch Night'. Originally produced in 1977 as a television special (close to ten years after 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'), the program went on to win an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. 'Halloween Is Grinch Night' is a prequel to HTGSC. The Grinch has a tiny heart and is cruel to Max. Halloween is the night that a Grinch can be the Grinchiest! 

Unfortunately, Boris Karloff does not reprise his role as the Grinch as he passed away in 1969. In this special, Hans Conreid takes over the mighty task of becoming the narrator/Grinch of the tale. It is a difficult job to take on and while Conreid does a fine job, it is difficult not to miss Karloff's rendition as the Grinch. 

Halloween (or as the Whos call it, Grinch Night) is the night when the Grinch enters Whoville to wreak havoc on all Whos! One brave Who, named Euchariah, decides to meet the Grinch on his journey into town and attempt to stall him from getting into Whoville. To do this, Euchariah must enter the Grinch's wagon of nightmares. There Euchriah is greeted with surreal images that he must brave if he is to stop the Grinch from entering Whoville. The nightmare sequence is rather trippy - I imagine the animators had a lot of fun working on the sequence. I could not help but reminded of 'Pink Elephants on Parade' from the Disney film 'Dumbo'. 

'Grinch is Halloween Night' is a musical and features a truly sad song. Max the dog shares a song of lament. I legitimately teared up hearing Max's song. The only relief during Max's woeful tale is the knowledge that the Grinch's heart will grow and he will become a good dog owner. Or, at least, that is what I had to tell myself while watching Max sadly pull the Grinch's wagon along. 

Overall, 'Halloween is Grinch NIght' is a fun holiday watch. You can even find it on Youtube. Oh, and if you are not sold, the Grinch has magical eyebrows! 

Outfit Post: Popped Button! Oh My!

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I love my gingham blouse. I usually receive some sort of comment referring to either a) Maryanne from Gilligans Island or b) a farm girl. I do not care, I love it. It's classic. Unfortunately, one of the buttons did fall off my shirt. I did not have time or equipment to sew a button on... so I improvised with a pin. Now, I always wear a pin with it. It's fun, unexpected, and a little silly. Abraham Lincoln is assisting in keeping my blouse together. 

I am once again wearing the Modcloth 'Essential Elegance Skirt'. It is becoming a staple of my fall wardrobe. It is perfect for wearing with rain boots or pairing with tights. 

Skirt: Modcloth

Top: Thrift find

Button: gift from Best Friend. I think they picked it up at a museum though. 

Close Up of the button! 

Close Up of the button! 

Halloween Movie Nite: Arsenic and Old Lace

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It is October, which means it is time to celebrate Halloween! To kick off Spooktober, I watched the Halloween classic 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. My mom always enjoyed beginning the Trick or Treat season with a viewing of this Cary Grant comedy. I should ask her if she has watched it yet this year. 

Trouble's a brewing

The plot of the film centers around two sweet elderly women who happen to murder older, lonely men and bury them in their cellar basement. It's a zany, dark comedy. Cary Grant plays the nephew of the sweet ladies. I am a huge fan of Grant's comedic roles. His wide eyed expressions always leave me both giggling and swooning. Those are two states i enjoy being in. 

One small component of the film I always love viewing are the opening credits. I love the illustrations. They immediately put you in a fun Halloween spirit. 

You have to love that Owl's face! 

Peter Lorre is also featured in the film and is a fun addition to the cast. Looking for a Halloween laugh or two? Check out Arsenic and Old Lace. You get to see Cary Grant's cute face do this: 


Outfit Post: Turtleneck Time!

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Today I posted on Instagram about my turtleneck #fashiontruth. Turtlenecks are a key ingredient (for me) in transitioning to autumn weather. They provide a simple solution to allowing you to wear a more summer appropriate dress when the weather is chilly. I LOVE my Trashy Diva dress and can not imagine only wearing it in the summer. I live in Canada, summer tends to be short. Layer the dress with a turtleneck and some nylons and you are good for a brisk day. The great thing about that dress is that Trashy Diva has brought it back! You are sure to get compliments when you wear the cutie! 

Dress: Trashy Diva 

Turtleneck: Old J Crew 

Outfit Post: 30s in Socks

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Since my pin curls were still strong, I brushed them out slightly and threw on a 1930s reproduction dress for an everyday 30s look. The dress was made to order from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown. Unfortunately, I don't think the business is running anymore. The website is no longer active and there has not been a new fb post since April of this year. It is too bad. The dress I bought is lovely. I picked out the fabric (form what she had available on the site) and sent her my measurements. If memory serves correctly, it took about 4-5 weeks to arrive. The dress was hand made in the U.K. and fits perfectly. I do love a reproduction dress made to fit! Here is hoping it is just a hiatus and Big Beautiful Barbara Brown will return. 

Dress; Big Beautiful Barbara Brown 

Earrings: Christmas Gift (I am pretty sure from 10,000 Villages)

Cookie: Home-made banana oatmeal. 

Vinyl: Mac Demarco's '2' album. 

Outfit Post: Ruby Keeler Audition

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Yippee! I pincurled my hair a couple nights ago. I decided that since I am currently in the birth city of Ruby Keeler, why not try a Keeler look. I like to think of this get-up as 'Ruby Keeler auditions for Busby Berkeley'. I am ready to dance, sing, and attempt cute faces. Keeler was the master of wide eyed innocence face.

My outfit is an old jumpsuit from Anthropologie. I actually got off Ebay years ago. I purchased a size up (cause that was what was on Ebay) and thank goodness I did! Tip: When buying jumpsuits, purchase the size that fits in terms on length. You can take it in for width. I have a long torso and I think a size smaller would not have fit length wise. Plus, with a stash belt you can cinch it in at the waist as much as you desire. 

Jumpsuit: vintage Anthropologie 

Nail Polich: O.P.I in Down To The Core-Al 

Vinyl: Thrifted purchase of songs from 1924. 

Outfit Post: Mom Hand Me Downs

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This is my Soap Opera CEO face

Mom hand me downs are fantastic! Not only is it recycling great clothes, you also get to feel like you are playing dress up again! My entire outfit is from mom hand me downs. Both the top and skirt are originally from J Crew (not sure of year). I love the 60s cut of the jacket and the classic elegance of the pencil skirt. I pretended I was a CEO in a Soap Opera while I was wearing this outfit. I know, i need much bigger shoulder pads to be a CEO in a soap opera :p 

Work hard and then dance hard 

Outfit Post: Peter Paul and Mary and Autumn

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Sometimes I like to match my outfit to the music I have in my mind. Today I was feeling rather 'Peter Paul and Mary'. Also, I knew it was time to greet the season of Autumn properly and wear one of my vintage fall dresses. The dress is just a little too big for me but a large belt helps cinch it in. The dress is sleeveless so a cozy sweater is a must while wearing it on a blustery day like today.

I adore the print of this 60s vintage dress. It has a folklore vibe to it. Perfect for going to see some calming singer/songwriters.

Dress: Planet Claire Vintage

Sweater and Belt: Anthropologie (about 5 years old)

Movie Nite: What A Way To Go

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Looking for something fun and colorful to watch? Want to giggle and swoon over gorgeous gowns? Do you appreciate camp? If so, 'What A Way To Go' is the film for you! 

Starring Shirley Macclaine, Dean Martin, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, and Gene Kelly the film is a feast for the eyes. Macclaine stars as Louisa May Foster, a sweet lady who is looking to settle down and live a simple life. The only problem is that every time she marries a man he gets filthy rich and dies. After each husband passes, Foster inherits his fortune. The more money Foster inherits, the more miserable she becomes. For the audience, the more money Foster has the more fun we have watching her extravagant costumes. Hence the crux of the film. Message: Money Isn't Everything. Visuals: Money Sure Looks Fun.

The film was originally written to be a Marilyn Monroe star vehicle. Tragically, Monroe passed away before production of the film began. Props have to be given to Macclaine for her portrayal of Louisa May Foster. She perfectly captures the naiveté of the character and embraces the quirkiness of the production of the film. 

Edith Head designed all the fantastic gowns that are featured in 'What A Way To Go'. Lucky for us viewers; there are a ton! I especially admired the creativity of the costumes while Louisa May is married to Paul Newman the artist.

The films sets and costumes are bright while the script maintains a slightly dark sense of humor. While the running time could be a bit shorter, I would hate to think of one gown being cut from the movie. Edith Head's talent is in full display throughout the film. 

The film was a flop when it was released. Critics consider 'What A Way To Go' to be another bloated Hollywood production of the 1960s. Yes, the film is ridiculous and bloated with gimmicks, but that is what makes it such a fun watch. All the actors ham it up for the screen and take every opportunity to make everything bigger. Subtlety is not what this movie going for. Some of the jokes fall flat but then others will have you giggling. Oh, and did I mention Paul Newman plays an artist? 

If you enjoy ambitious failures, then you will certainly enjoy 'What A Way To Go'. 

*For more film images and gifs check out my tumblr here

Ouftit Post: I Could Have Danced All Morning

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Umph. Some mornings it is difficult to feel motivated to get up. This is especially true when you previously had a bad day and know that today will most likely not be better. Obstacles are guaranteed to meet you as soon as you step through work's door. Add on top of that grey weather and it is hard to see a reason to get out of a warm bed.

Today's outfit all began with picking out a sweater. To make my day brighter I decided I need to wear yellow. My yellow cardigan is bright and adds a much needed extra layer when greeting fall weather. Once I had my cardigan selected, I knew I also needed to wear a bottom that made me smile. I pulled out my Modcloth Essential Elegance skirt (i can't help but think of Audrey Hepburn when I look at this skirt), added a black turtleneck and I felt ready to dance. The yellow was helping me feel warmth and the skirt made me twirl. When the day seems to greet you with a frown, sometimes you need to wear something that makes you smile.

Cooper could not help but join in the dancing. 

Cardigan: J Crew. Turtleneck: Thrifted. Skirt: Modcloth. 

Get Up! Check In

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Just shy of a month ago, I posted about my attempts to stand more and sit less. I thought it would be good to do a check-in to see where I am thriving and where I am failing in my goal.

Thriving: Work. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am lucky that part of my job entails digitizing old reels of audio. Some lazy mornings I really just want to sit as the audio plays and I take notes. But for the most part I stick to my standing for at least half of the my morning work. I fit in some stretch time too! It's not really a fluid stretch routine due to the note taking, but it has been crazy beneficial in keeping my neck and back aches in check. In the afternoon I tend to do some data entry, scanning, and research. This is all based at a desktop computer. I don't have to try too hard to remember to get up every hour or so cause I drink tons of tea and it leads to many bathroom breaks. It's a nice little walk to the bathroom and a quick stretch or two before sitting down again at the desk. I feel more productive overall. The quick breaks also help my mind and brain refocus when I am back at my desk.

Failing: Home. My puppy still helps keep me up and moving (much more than I would if she were not there). We take a long walk every evening. BUT, i do feel tired when I get home from work and this has lead to sitting and watching tv. Gone are the stretches and/or short exercises. I lie to myself and say 'You get lots of exercise in your walk to work and dog walking'. Really, I have just been tired and easily flake out on doing things I know are good for me.

Thriving: Weekends. Overall, my weekends have been more active. Again, this is in large thanks to my awesome puppy. Weekends are spent on longer walks and extra playtime.

Results: The less sitting at work has lessened the headaches and back aches I get at work. This is great! I am more tired when I get home from work, but I think this has more to do with the changing of the seasons and my current lazy diet. I haven't been eating as well as I should and I believe there is a direct relation to my current energy levels.

Resolution: Keep the current strategy for work. At home, slowly incorporate some exercise into your tv time. Increase that time each week.


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Puppies like to attack bowler hats. #fashiontruth

Online retailer Modcloth has started a #fashiontruth campaign. The moment I heard about the #fashiontruth campaign I felt inspired to write out a long list of my personal fashion truths. I personally prefer the term style truths. Fashion is too associated with an industry that is built on belittling, classism, racism,  and money money money. But, that is one of the reasons the #fashiontruth campaign is awesome - it is taking concrete steps to break free from the negativity that can surround fashion. 

I am sharing my personal fashion truths on Instagram. My list of fashion truths is comprised of the irrelevant (puppies and bowler hats) and truths I truly feel are shunned by the fashion industry (batwings are not something to be ashamed of). What are some of your fashion truths?

Long Distance Love

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Why don't most people formally ask people out on dates anymore? It's fun! When in a long distance romance it is easy to let some of the romance slip. You don't have much time together  so you kinda just hibernate inside your cocoon (aka. apartment). While I do love cocooning, it is also good to go out on a date night from time to time. I decided to ask my bf out on a date and sent him the invite pictured above. I already bought the movie tickets! That's right, we are going for the classic movie and dinner date. Now I just have to pick out my outfit.